Upcoming Changes for 2016

After 3 years of homeschooling, ginnstars.com is about to go through some changes. My son has decided to go back to traditional school. After a long talk we both feel it would be for the best. The biggest reason is he feels like he is missing out with meeting new kids. Although the people he have met in his groups have been great and he has strong relationships with many of them, he wants to meet more kids. Many of his friends attend traditional school and he is hoping he will be able to see them a bit more as well as meet some new friends.

I do not take this personally but as a learning experience. He knows he is welcomed to come back to homeschooling at anytime. We talked about what to expect. The bad and the good. The bad being, the school system might feel he is not in the same grade as his friends but maybe lower. He’s been behind on his Khan and has only completed last years math recently. Yet, he has time to get caught up by Fall and we plan to go over what he is “suppose” to know according to the most recent state standardized testing. I’ll be teaching by the test until Fall, and I hate it.

The other bad is the getting picked on. This was an issue before, yet he’s learned a lot about himself and what he is capable of this past few years while homeschool. I am very confident that he is prepared for it and how to respond to such treatment.

I’m not sure where this blog will go. Over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing what was planned and will probably tweak a few things. We will just have to see where this leads us.


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