Making Your Skills List


Going back to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom is scary. There are people your age who have BUILT their careers while you were wiping noses and changing diapers.

So if you can’t go back to your old career, what CAN you do?

This is where you make your skills list. Your skills list will have every type of skill you have and will help you evaluate yourself for potential employers as well as seeing if you need to make a career change. However, this will require you to REALLY look at yourself. Good and bad. You need to write ALL your skills down.

To help you get started, start with listing all the skills you learned from each of your jobs before becoming a stay-at-home mom.(Yep, even the ones in high school)  This will also help you when you go to dust off that resume by adding some updated descriptions of your work. For example, I use to work at Sonic while in college. I learned how to “balance” food while rollerskating. It sounds like such a small thing, but you would be surprised how many times I was asked about it in an interview. It was a great way to show as an example how I was a great multi-tasker and was perfect conversation starter into my personality. Why did I roller-skate if I wasn’t required to? Because I could (and the tips were much more profitable, too).

Next, your going to list every job you have been done while staying at home. What do I mean by this? Well, what do you DO all day? Sit down and eat bon-bons and watch soaps? or do you do laundry? clean the house? Home-school? etc. Either way, LIST those skills!

Having difficulty describing your Netflix binging while the kids are away at school? Label that skill as “movie critic” or “media analysis”. Are you a Facebook junkie? Write that skill down as “proficient with social media”. Don’t blow those skills off! There are people who will PAY people to do these things for them. You don’t need a degree to post on social media. Just know people and trends.


Here is a small example of my list of things that I’ve been doing for the past few years as a stay-at-home mom to help get your mind buzzing on yours:

*Cooking (2 course meals)

*Cake decoration (i’m not great but i know the basics)

*Do laundry including using an industrial machine for larger items

*Clean house (not a bad job choice if you don’t mind cleaning other people’s messes, which you have been doing with your kids all these years)

*Teach (history, math, english, science)

*First Aid knowledge

*Managed small guild in MMO, organizing mergers, raids, and recruiting (LEADERSHIP SKILLS! Don’t laugh. A guy actually got hired at a Yahoo! for this reason)

*Proficent with Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

*Hostage negotiator (Kids. need i say more)

*Teenage Crisis Counselor (Girls.)

*Wash Dishes

*Pet groomer

*Dog walker


*Event Planner (birthdays, bat mitzvah’s)

*Blog (social media calendar, editorials,)

This is just a small list, but should help you think about some of the things you do. Big or small. It’s the small things we let pass us by and yet we will find that we might be able to actually DO something with it.

If you craft, list all the types of crafting skills you have. Include projects that you have done to really shine your skills. Made costumes for the school play? Add costume designer to your skills list!


Now, some skills you can’t just jump into (like becoming a doctor because you know a little first aid). So you will need to probably go back to school or to a technical school to get certified in that field. For example, as the financial secretary of my synagogue I’ve become fascinated with numbers. Many moons ago I took an accounting class and loved it. I’ve decided to go back to school and learn accounting because my degree is no longer applicable to what I can do in my life anymore. I need a new “career”.

Soon you will begin to realize that even though you haven’t been “working” you HAVE been working but on your other skills. I would love to see which one of your skills really spoke to you. Comment below with you “skill”.