Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go.jpg

Thank you, Pokemon GO! Seriously, I have been trying to get my kids to go out since we MOVED to Texas. Our new neighborhood in Texas is much safer than our old home back in Phoenix so I’ve been trying to encourage them. At first it was noproblem. The heat here in Texas is nothing compared to the scorching heat in Arizona, but as we have lived here longer they have become accustomed to the weather and now refuse to leave the house due to the humidity.

Oh, vey!

Then last week something changed. Pokemon GO! was released to iTunes in the US. All of a sudden I have my kids BEGGING me to go out (without me) and so far my kids have been out of the house for two hours or MORE, DAILY to go “hunting” for Pokemon or battle at the nearby park (aka “Gym”)

As Julia Gunlock for reported, “Pokemon has more kids active and outside in 7days than in the 7 years of Haranguing from Michelle Obama.” (article here) Pokemon is getting kids MOVING without them feeling like they are missing their devices because it has brought the two together.

Now, Pokemon GO is not a new item in the iTunes store that did Augmented Reality Treasure Hunts in the real world. In fact, one of the first games to do this was a game called Ingress. Using the same concept as Pokemon Go, except you gathered clues to help you control a particular area. (like pokemon to control a gym)

If you feel lost in the craze. Don’t feel bad or even worry. Just as long as you have In-App purchases off, your kids (or husband) will love this new free app on iTunes. The concept is very similar to the video games that my kids have purchased. You go around look for pokemons and then battle at various gyms. The only difference is now they are no longer are in the game world but the REAL world looking for the pokemon. Getting them to get up and MOVE. As always you want to advise your children about stranger danger and to always look both ways when crossing streets. Mostly because they can really get excited when they see a rare Pokemon and not pay attention.

So for all those people who want to make fun of Pokemon, it is usually because they don’t have kids or their kids are to old to remember Pokemon. I never even liked Pokemon and I still play with my kids. Why? Because it gets us moving AND lets me spend some quality time with them. It funny when they try to teach me about each Pokemon. Each one is like a mini-pokidex.

So download it. Have some fun with it but defiantly try it before you knock it. And if you get servers are busy (like I did above)just log out then log back in and that usually works. Otherwise, just wait a bit.