Still Here…

I’ve been kind of silent.

Mostly because I’m not sure where this blog or my life in general will go.

Homeschooling at our home is quickly fading away. We are doing test to get him ready for public school. Both scholastically as well as emotionally and socially. This way when he returns he will have the tools that he needs to succeed in front of him.

I, myself, am staying busy too. With being our congregation’s Sisterhood president as well as it’s financial secretary my life these past few months have been rather busy.

Let’s just say its a welcome distraction to the end that is inevitably coming.

No more homeschooling.

My Jewish life has not ended though. (Nor will it in the foreseeable future) So keep close to the blog. I’ll be publishing my Passover Menu here soon.

For now, I hope everyone has a Happy Purim. IMG_3854

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