More Changes

Just as I put myself out there, more changes have happened. My eldest daughter was recently (finally) accepted into the Early College Program for her school district. In this program, an associate’s degree is completed simultaneously within her four years of high school. She is a sophomore this year so they said they will pay for her summer school classes to help her catch up with the rest of her class.

THIS IS AMAZING for our family! And of course for her.

My daughter has aspirations of becoming a business lawyer. We, as parents, fully support her and her work has shown that she is more than motivated to do this. This goes beyond the dual credit you normally get in High School as she will be physically on a college campus experiencing “college” from the safety of her high school life. She has been praying and hoping to get in since 8th grade. Entrance was based on a lottery and her number didn’t get picked till recently. She started crying with joy when I told her I finally got the call.

Now, this brings more changes to our house. There are some days the bus will not be able to take her to school because the regular high school is out but her college classes are still going. This means she will need a ride. Something that would be difficult if I was working. Especially if I was back working for an airline (since that is where my degree and experience is).

Maybe I’m making excuses but it feels like the universe is giving me signs again to not work. Or at least full time.

H&R Block

So to keep me “busy” I decided to reenroll into the Income Tax Course that H&R Block does. I did it once before about 5 years ago and even though the tax laws haven’t changed, much, I still feel like I need a refresher course. We haven’t even DONE our own taxes in the past 5years because we use a preparer. So I feel out of the loop.

My class doesn’t start till mid September so I have some chances to see if I want to keep looking for a job or just hold on and wait till after I do the course. My gut is telling me to wait only because I did apply for several different types of positions at several airlines and so far all I’ve heard back is crickets.

Again, is this a sign from the universe or me just making excuses?

I’ve also thought about going back and taking some accounting classes at my daughter’s college. I figured it might help me with doing the finances at the synagogue but even that I think I won’t be doing next year. It is only a two year position and that would make this my last year. The thought is there but I don’t know if I will act on it. I wouldn’t be working for a degree because I already have a AAS degree which is what a degree in accounting would give me. But I think the extra classes would help me feel a bit more confident only because for a business degree, I really don’t feel like I took enough finance classes nor were any required for me.

Let’s see what next week holds.


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