Let’s start over

911I’m back.

I’m here with my Lipton tea (fresh without milk since my kids used it all up) and sitting at my kitchen table at 3am thinking of what should I write. Is anyone even reading this? Apart from my family and friends, probably not.

As you know from my previous post my son has decided to go back to public school. I don’t know if you could tell in my writing or not, but part of me was in fact hurt. Only because I had felt we had created this bond. This special relationship that would make us successful homeschoolers. I feel bummed that we aren’t going to do it anymore.

On the other hand, not homeschooling leaves me open to a vast more opportunities to do more crafts or even get a job again. Even my crafting has gone a bit downhill since I found little inspiration while dwelling in my own self pity from not homeschooling anymore.

Some projects you can expect up.


I bought myself a Serger with my birthday money. (Squeal!) I’ve been making napkins like crazy that my family had to have an ‘intervention’ asking me to please stop making them for now. For the 4th of July I was going to make some patriotic napkins. The family quickly told me no and said they didn’t feel right wiping their faces with the american flag. I don’t blame them.

Planner Addiction.

I have become ADDICTED to decorating my planners. Like, how did I miss this INSANE craze?!?! Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Recently I saw Michael’s start putting out “planner” decorations when all it was is the same scrapbook stickers and washi tape that we always use. lol.

Job Hunting.

Yep, you read that right. I’m looking at probably getting a job. (As if my life isn’t busy enough.) I’m still volunteering for my synagogue but I’m needing some cash flow. Mostly to support my crafting as well as have my own play money. My hubby is sweet and says I don’t have to but he knows I’m already starting to get stir crazy and its only summer.

Random Bits.

I don’t want to lose this blog. I’ve enjoyed sharing things with everyone and I wish to keep doing those things. Things are going to be a bit wonky for a while until we see where this blog will go. I’m sure it will stick with the theme of my life. Travel, Crafting, and Judaism. This. This is my life.


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