Finding who you are


So I heard back from some potential employers.

No go.

Part of me is a bit disappointed about their decision to not hire me, but the other side is going, “whew!”

Thing is I don’t know if I really wanted to go and work for them. It was in the field I had been trained and educated in, but didn’t I leave for a reason? For some of you, you may feel the same. What you left behind when you decided to stay home may not be the same as you left it. Industries are growing at a rapid rate these days that few things are the same.

Which means you have the luxury of reevaluating if this is what you really want to go back to. Some might say, “of course!” while others may feel lost in the new changes. Unless you have been working part-time on the side in your field you might just as well be a kid fresh out of college.

But hold on…..


First, you need to think about if you could be in any job, what would that job be? Do you want to have a job that has the flexibility to allow you to still be home when the kids come home from school? or are you looking at work that is the regular 9-5? or works around your husband’s schedule?

Self-employment is the most flexible job. You are your own boss and you set your own hours. Do you have a special skill that would allow you to be self-employeed or a contract worker? When I was younger I was a Real Estate Agent. This allowed me the flexibility to be home when the kids were home but cut generously in my weekends. Also, the pay fluctuated greatly. Some temp agencies will also have jobs with flexible schedules.

As with any job change though, check to see if there are any educational or certification requirements before beginning.


Sometimes its not WHAT we are but WHERE we are. If you could live anywhere doing your job, where would that be? If you want to be a marine biologist, you may find it difficult finding jobs in a landlocked state like Arizona. However, if you were in a place like San Diego you might have better luck.


The best jobs are those that you can do, however, anywhere. For example, nurses are good anywhere in the WORLD, as are teachers. Once you become a Realtor, its a matter of a small test to get you certified in another state. Some technical jobs also can even be simply done in a home office.

Simply, imagining your dream job is not going to get you that job. You need to look at yourself and see what skills you have and what you don’t to fulfill that job. Listing your skills will help determine what you can and can’t do.


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