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Travel Hacking

Join the Travel Hacking CartelBeing in the travel business has SOME perks. I have access SOMETIMES to some discounts and “freebies” that the general public do not have. (Unfortunately, this one of the many reasons why people get ‘in the biz’ and don’t really ‘sell’ travel, alas. Giving us home based agencies a bad name.) I got my first whiff of ‘free travel’ when I first got of high school and was a contractor for the then, America West Airlines. My first FREE flight was to see my natural mom. Something I haven’t been able to do in five years. It was with that, I was hooked. To find the free way to travel. Shortly my contract ended with America West, my husband got a job with them and the whole family was flying for free anytime. When we divorced, after a year later of missing my jet setting life, I quite my well-paying job at American Express and settled for a meager $7.50 hr job at the new US Airways. The major pay cut was very hurtful to my lifestyle but the benefits were we could fly again, FREE.

Now I’m not saying, go get a job at an airline, hotel, or cruise company so you can travel free. (Although, I will tell you that it did help.) This is actually about a Travel Hacking for those who don’t have those benefits. I, myself, and now must find the best airline deal due to the fact that I quit my job at US Airways. (My reasons were a hard personal decision but in no way do they affect my opinion of the company as a business. In fact, I loved working there.)

So I introduce you to As someone who is coming from the airline I can tell you that many of these thoughts and ideas really do work AND are legal, won’t be rejected, etc. The creator/visionary for this work is Chris Guillebeau, author of the The $100 Startup

. In fact, I never heard of either him or the book until another agent in the agency mentioned him to me in regards to the travel hacking program. Needless to say I was intrigued.

We all trying to save more money in this economy and even my “great travel agent rates” or either just a few bucks less and in some cases cost MORE than if I just booked it normally. Plus, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do for my clients with some of this knowledge.

Honestly, most of it is stuff you can find on the boards and spending oodles of time on the internet. You are basically paying a service for someone ELSE to do that for you and for a small fee each month, I can afford that convenience. It is not going to break me. Plus, Chris GUARANTEES you will get enough miles for a free trip.

Now, if you have click on the link I am sure you see the “WHOA! Wait! It says sign up for all these credit cards!!!” If you are a David Ramsey convert, like me, then you are probably instantly turned off. BUT WAIT!! YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!

If you are familiar with the US Airways GrandSlam, then you will understand how you can do this without signing up for unnecessary credit cards. If not, then let me quickly educate you. Many times airlines and hotel vendors will offer promo miles for the things you do every day. Like shopping, eye exams, and even additional travel with their ‘partners’. (The GrandSlam promo offered double points when you booked during a certain time period.) Think about this when you shop online for those holiday gifts this year. All it requires is that you take a step through your airline of choices portal and book through them. Chris even recommends a FREE site that will help you find out which company is offering the better mileage deals for that store you wish to shop at. (Love it!)
Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Now, I am a convert. I highly recommend giving it a try. At least for the quarter. Check it out. Let me know what your thoughts are. So far, I like the ease of access to all the info in one place.

Official travel hacker