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The Doctor Has Just Taken You…

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

If you could go anywhere with the Doctor, where in all of WORLD history would you go?

Let me know. I want us to have some fun with this.

Can you imagine how fun a lesson plan built around Dr Who would be?!?!? I’m getting all goose pimply just thinking about making the lesson plan.

And that’s kind of weird for even me.

Me, personally, I would go to the British Victoria age. The world just seemed to be filled with such grace and femininity. Plus the industrial age was just beginning. ANYTHING seemed possible.

Share your answer in the comments below.




Beginning “Un-schooling”

The day started out like this:

“David, let's start with Spelling today.”

A deep sigh, slapping of workbook on the desk, slouching in his seat, some more slapping of the workbook to open the book up, loud swishes of pages being turned, and then BOOM…..

Face plowed into his spelling book, like some Peanuts character.

This wasn't the first time. In fact, the frequency of him escaping into his own world was getting progressively worse as the “school year” was going on.

That is when I decided to read John Holt's book, How Children Learn. I knew of Holt being the inspiration behind the “un-schooling” method and wondered if that would be something that would work better for my son.

First, I've always been a self-proclaimed hippie in my younger days, or maybe I'm just getting older, but reading Holt's book and reading about what un-schooling made me think “what the H*ll is this hippie-dippie sh-t!

I mean, COME ON!! Child-led learning? Let them learn what they want?

What about math?



and all the other stuff, they don't want to learn but have to?!?! That's life, right?!?

And how far can you REALLY take this?!? I mean I get it for when they are babies and toddlers, but can this really work on OLDER kids? High schoolers?

Will this screw any chance he has to go to a private college?

Well, I wasn't the ONLY one thinking this luckily and there were many resources online on those very questions. (I urge you to google it as well).

Ultimately, I landed on Sandra Dodd's website and found her e-book to be useful to ME. It was just a full collection of her webpage but I hate wading through pages and pages of web. You can purchase it via iTunes if your interested.

Well, we have been doing un-schooling for just over a week and you will never guess what has happened?

No more book abuse.

Oh, YA!