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Show and Tell

I remember in school I always use to love Fridays because they would let us do Show-and-Tell. What was even better is that I lived in Europe so a good portion of my time growing up  so Show-and-Tell would always be of a item that someone got from a nearby foreign city or country. I truly treasure those days.

So in an effort to continue the spirit of Show-and-Tell, I share with you this Friday what I’ve been doing on my off days. (Those days I haven’t been publishing.)

This last week, I’ve been busy getting some projects done and of course, I have been crafting everyday. Usually some new idea I have found on Pinterest but mostly those patterns I found through the Silhoutte store. I’ve link each one to their prospective info pages so you can check them out.

I home school my son so here are some projects I made for him to help organize his little desk.

Desktop Organizer


Mini Shelves

shelfSiddur cover

Now, today my son’s Hebrew class is leading service and as a treat we (the parents) are giving each of our child their first Siddur, or Prayer book. The mother’s decided to decorate them and I was provided with a cover. (My son would of preferred purple, but he’s happy with the design.) He is a big space fan so I placed a speckled heat transfer white vinyl  Astronaut on the cover and because his name is David he feels that the Star of David is his so I placed those around the astronaut modifying the various sizes using a smooth heat transfer vinyl. On the spine I embroidered his name in Hebrew by hand. I’m not super great at this so maybe with a little practice I’ll show you what I did later.



Decou-Podge Vase

Decou Podge VaseThe one thing I just hate about vases sometimes they are see through. I mean, ug! I don’t want to sit there and admire my beautiful flowers only to look down and the icky water that is showing how they were all cut up at the stems. Plus, if you have the typical “filler” flowers that the florist gives you, you get some really ugly pieces. Many times, you will even get a “saving” block that will help your flowers last longer, but will not make your water look pretty.

Sure you could put some decorative rock in there to “pretty it up”, but that just ends up being a pain to clean up once the flowers are all dead and you have bits of flowers all over your rock chards. (Ew! )vase-5

So here was my solution. I recently took a clear vase that I had received from a recent birthday. I priced these one time for a Teacher’s Appreciation week at school, and they typically cost around $6 to $10 if you get them at the grocer. Sometimes you get lucky and they are a steal at the dollar store.

Anyhow, I took some tissue paper that I had left over from my flower bouquet that I made for my wedding this year and ripped them all up into little bits. About an inch in size, give or take. This made it easy to conform to the curves of the vase.vase-4

My solution was basically find a spot to put it on and then slather it with Decou-Podge using a wet brush. Now the brush needs to be merely damp to help the paper stick down to the glass. Too much water with cause it to tear or if you have colored paper, the color to run.

* I used a Glossy finish type of podge so it would give it a more “glass” look once it has dried.vase-3

My suggestion would be to first glue your sides curving at the tip if there is an exposed lid. Then once the top and sides are dry, then gluing your pieces on the bottom. If you slather it up with as much glue as I did, you are looking at waiting overnight for it to dry.

*Be sure to use a brush to lay it down smoothly.

*BUT, Don’t worry if it gets too crinkled. It add character.

*Let the paper overlap to give it a more rough look.vase-1

As you can see, I didn’t have any fresh flowers, so I put in the paper flower bouquet that I made for my wedding.  If I kill these flowers, I am seriously doomed with the green thumb!


Library Book Bin

DIY Library Book Bin

Yah! So far so good. On to Day two, Project two!

My inspiration for my own Library Book bin was this cute little one that I saw on Pinterest. My original idea was to use newspapers, but since I planned on using a old

My Insperation
My Inspiration

fortune cookie box, I was afraid that the original idea of Mod Podging newspaper on a box was not going to work as the letters would be seen right through.

Instead I got some 12×12 craft paper, some 8×6 decorative scrapbook paper, and Spray adhesive.

(*WORD OF WARNING: When using an Spray adhesives, please make sure you are spraying in a well ventilated area. Open a window or door if you can. The fumes can be highly toxic.)library book bin-1

First, I used the 12×12 paper to cover the outside of the box, having the excess roll over the top. I sprayed the box, then applied the paper. (Again, use in a well ventilated area!)

library book bin-2

I then lined the inside with the smaller decorative scrapbook paper. Also, using the spray adhesive.

library book bin-3

Next, I just used a regular sheet as a plate for my Lettering and then with a glue stick, just glued on the letters.

library book bin-4

Once the glue dried, I went ahead and placed it in the front door of our home school room. (Which right now, happens to be my craft room and office!) We have a weekly appointment to the library, so placing the due date wasn’t needed for us. However, if I ever find a dollar find for a small chalkboard, I will probably glue it to the front.

~Ginlibrary book bin-5

My First Day of My Crafting Resolution for 2014: Hanging Recipe Card Holder

   Hanging Recipe Card Holder My inspiration for this piece was a Lockhart Apron Recipe Holder I saw on Pinterest. (You have to love Pinterest.) I was really

My inspiration

My inspiration

 digging the way Sharon Harnist did the holder on her blog. So I decided to copy it, using my Silhouette Cameo.


I used Alaa’ K’s “apron shape card with utensils  for my outline. Using a chipboard to stabilize, I began by cutting the apron in half at the top to create two aprons. I then covered the chipboard with decorative card stock.Apron Recipe Holder -1

I raised the pockets with some raised glue dots. Then I embellished a little with some distressed markers along the edges. Apron Recipe Holder -2

For the “towel” I cut up small pieces of a napkin that I had in my stash. (Look out for this pattern. You might see more of it later. )Apron Recipe Holder -3

I added a little bling and then hot glued my ribbons on. I wanted to make sure that the ribbon would be able to hold the weight of the clip, apron, and the recipe. Especially if the recipe would be on a index card like I typically use.Apron Recipe Holder -4

I decided that, like Sharon’s, I wanted my clothes pins painted. Luckily my son is working on his box car derby for cub scouts right now so we just “happen” to have wood paint! I painted the clips and let them sit overnight.  I was a bit bummed that some of the paint didn’t set on the side it sat on. However, it is not the side that is viewable so I digress. I then hot glued each the next morning.Apron Recipe Holder -5

Walla! A Hanging Apron Recipe Holder. It was really great until I realized I did not have any knobs on my cabinets. (Doh!) 🙂 No problem! I placed a fork in the cabinet, slide the ribbon between the tongs in the fork and closed the cabinet and boom! Insta-hook for my new recipe holder.Apron Recipe Holder -6

I plan to send these out to some family and friends with a recipe that our family enjoys. Just in case they need to figure out what it is. LOL.

Don’t forget to follow so you can look at tomorrow’s craft!


My 2014 New Year’s Resolution to Purge My Craft Room

2014 New Year's Resolution2014 is already looking to be a busy year for me. I’m homeschooling my son, operating my travel agency business, and planning on blogging on two blogs. Here is to hoping that I will remember to do the laundry and keep the house clean, too!

Speaking of keeping clean, recently my daughters have decided they no longer wanted to share a room and I have lost our classroom/craft  space. We moved the classroom into my office, which is great because I can multi task much more efficiently. The bad news is that now, I have craft projects and materials ALL over my office. I’m convinced that if I just went through it I would happily have oodles of space. So in an effort to make sure that my husband never doubts my craft staff again, I plan to make SOMETHING every day for the next 365 days in 2014 using my stash of yarn, paper stock, beads, chipboard, string, wire, etc. The only thing I plan to restock on would be things such as adhesives and glues.

So if you are one of my close friends or family, prepared to be bombarded with DIY gifts.  So far I have already planned out what I would like or need to make for the next three months. If you have ideas, please post/comment them to me. I feel like I’ve almost exhausted Google. Many of these ideas will NOT be my own nor will I lay any claim to them. I will promptly link my inspiration or the tutorials so please follow along with me as we Craft 2014!


Paper Bead Necklace

So, now that I’m homeschooling my youngest I can share with you some of my FUN FUN projects. This week we are learning about Ancient Africa. Today’s project is Paper Bead Necklaces. If you google this you will find a bunch of information on the web and I’ve even seen some You Tubes about this. So if the instructions in Story of the World book is not helpful or you want to try it differently I urge you to look it. I’ve listed how I did this below, as my instructions are a bit different. (Not much though.)

*Paper (copy paper, magazine pages, construction paper, wallpaper samples, old ads,etc. just no newspaper)
*markers, crayons, pens
*a glue stick
*Decoupage (glossy) *this is optional
*a toothpick or pencil (the end of a thin paint brush will work too)
*string (or embroidery floss for some more color)

Really, there is a lot you can leave to the imagination when it comes to paper, string and even glue with this project. I’ve seen some use distressed markers on the edges to give it an even cooler look with plain white paper. (Watch the Youtube on that one.)

This is what they look like if you to it only 4inches high.

Ok. Now that you have your stuff time to make the triangles. The book recommends doing them 4 inches high by 1 to 2 inches for the base. For younger kids, I would probably agree as a 2 inch base with a pencil is REALLY easy to roll. You need a toothpick to roll a one inch triangle and that might be hard for younger kids. As you can see. I just didn’t like how the 4 inch height came out. Just too cylinder for me. I made another one with a one inch base and 8.5 inches high. When I asked my son which he preferred, he said he liked latter one. So my instructions are as followed.

*Take plan copy paper (8.5×11)and mark ever half inch along the long side. Next take a ruler and draw a line from every other mark on one side to every other mark on the other side. (don’t worry about too many pencil lines, it will get covered up anyways) This will make your triangles. What is nice it that they just back to back one another for and easy cut. (If you have copier and plan to make may, I recommend just photocopying a bunch to save on having to do this repeatedly). Now cut your triangles out. I use a paper cutter but you can easily use regular old scissors.

20131030-082419.jpg*(if you using color paper you can skip this) Next you then color the edges as you can see. Just make sure you color the entire tip as that will be shown. If you have pencil marks on your paper be sure to color on the side with no marks. You can attempt a pattern by drawing squiggly lines or straight lines on the edges.

Once everything is colored, you then roll. You take the larger end of the strip and place just a tiny part of glue on the end that is colored. This will help when you go to roll it on the toothpick. Next, you then roll the strip tightly around the middle of the toothpick with the colored side facing up.

Keep rolling till you hit the tail. Usually I stick a bit of glue on the tail and it sticks. If you find that it won’t stick, smother the top with glue and then gently press and smooth it down on your newly formed bead.

I kept mine on the toothpicks and then glazed them with glossy Decoupage. This made them a bit more shinier and harder. More like a bead. Just be careful as you could Decoupage them to the toothpick. Not that I would know this from experience. lol


Once you are done with all the beads, (and the Decoupage is dry, if you Decoupaged) you just place them on the string through the center hole. Be sure to make the string long enough that your child can fit it over their head.



Stationary Kit from Cereal Box

Ok. So I gave the kids all their presents and they seemed ok with the lower budget gifts. It sucks that we can’t do much for Hannukah. I’m hoping that in the future it will get better. Now, for presents for all my friends and family who still celebrate good old X-mas. There is my Mom, my sister, my boyfriend, my best-friend (and her family), my Dad, My stepmom and dad, my boyfriends parents, and then G-d knows who else!
For my mom though, I found this cute Stationary Box video to make my own cute box. In the effort to keep Upcycling I used the same pattern but with old cereal boxes and recycled paper. Then decorated with some scrap paper. I really like how the finished product came out in the end. Although I like the way the cereal box one came out, I think I will send her one that I made using card stock, like in the video. I’ll see. I did find though becuase of the size of the boxes. I needed to use at least two cereal boxes to make the product. One for the base and the other for the top and the little compartments. SO if you want to make your own, I would recommend that. Even when I used a giant Cereal box I found I still needed the second box for the top. This wasn’t a big issue for my family as we typically go through a box of cereal in one sitting.
I have a few ideas out there. When I get them done (and the respective parties have received them) I will post what I ended up with. Until then, I better get crackelacking (sp?)