Looms & Weaving

What the heck are you going to make with your Cricket Loom?

IT HERE!!! I have been coveting this rigid heddle loom long enough. I purchased mine from Woolery and so far I'm satisifed with my purchase experience.

Now I've NEVER weaved in my whole life. Except maybe made a potholder with one of those small platic squares and nylon rubber band type threads back in grade school. If you haven't already googled it, I HIGHLY recommend watching the Crochet Crowd's Video series of tutorials on weaving. They really dimistified the whole process for me and helped me feel really confident about using my Cricket table loom.

After setting it all up, I did my first scarf. I had my kids each pick a color. The base strings (warp) are actually red, white, and blue. My son then picked this colorful transitional yarn that I ended up using for the weave. As you can see the pattern came out really surprising and you can't even tell that they really don't match. It just looks like a kiddie scarf. lol.

For my next one I made the scarf a bit longer to fit an adult and using the wool coloring it made it ever super softer. I love the boho look it presents. After doing this one, it really got me thinking about using scrap fabric or strips of fabric like use use for rag rugs. This would be a good idea for making placemats.

One thing I found is that even with worst weighted yarn the scarfs come out soft, but I still find myself itching on the wool. I'm currently working on a red, white, and blue placemats for Fourth of July. I'm using all cotton yarn and I'm finding that this is project is coming out to feel more like a towel. (Interesting!)

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Loom Knit Scrubbies

Loom Knit ScrubbiesThree days and still going! Whoo Hoo! Today I used up some old string and tulle I had from making this a few years ago. (Yes, that is how old and long I’ve had most of my stash.) This is NOT my pattern but is from Bethany at Getting It Pegged.

If you are looking for ideas of things you can do with your Knifty Knitter Looms that are not scarves and winter hats, I HIGHLY recommend you check out her website. I’ve been following her for years. She’s so incredibly creative and talented.

So using Bethany’s “Scrubby-0’s” Pattern I made as many as I could with the yarn and tulle I had left. At first I used a light purple tulle but knowing we plan to use these for dishes, decided against it because when I used a light color last time the grim really showed. This time, I decided to make the bulk of my pieces with dark purple tulle. You can see the difference in the photos.Scrubbies-3

The great thing about these little gems is that when they start to get dirty you can just throw them in the wash with your towels and then, they are all nice and clean again. 🙂 Love it!Scrubbies-2

If you would like to make your own, I suggest you check out her website and watch her 3 part video on how to make the “Scrubby-O’s”. I found that the easiest way to understand the new way to use my little loom. My only thing is she knits with her left hand and I’m a right handed knitter so I had to stop and pause a lot to readjust.

~GinLoom Knit Scrubbies

Black Fingerless Gloves


fingerless gloves-ccblog

My son is all into the “emo” look right now (Teenagers?) so I’m making him these fingerless gloves for Holiday. He’s a guitar player so he can even still play his guitar while wearing them. I used the ProvoCraft Knifty Knitter pattern that they have on their website to make these. Feel free to click and try it yourself. (The original Provo link has disappeared when they closed their doors so you will be connected via archive.com)
I used only one yarn as the second yarn might make it look a bit girly. The left one came out a big snuggier then the right one so I think I might do another one since I have extra yarn. He already had a hat to go with it so I won’t be making any hats or scarves with it anyways.
 I have a few more days to finish everyone’s presents for Holiday. So far I’ve only got three people done! I really need to get on the ball. I’m hoping they will like what I did for them. Oh well.