A little bit about me…

You go into the homeschooling store and your excited. There are booksso many cool homeschooling “stuff” on shelves around you. You can smell that “new-book” smell in the air. As you walk through the wavy aisles of mismatched shelves you spot a few moms and smile politely. How cool! Your part of THAT crowd now. The Homeschooling Mom.

After about 15 minutes, you can’t find what you’re looking for. The science section is full of books about Creationism. Every English book has a picture of Jesus in it or when you open the book it freaking mentions him. Math books look more like something for a preschooler and your son is in 4th grade. Your seriously starting to question this whole homeschooling thing.

Then a big haired blond store clerk with glasses on her nose comes up to you to see if you need anything. You ask her politely if they have any non-secular books. She looks at you and then starts to LAUGH! Then as a “courtesy” she asks the pencil nosed young lady behind the cashier if they have any non-secular material and SHE LAUGHS! It’s just one big laugh for these crazy women!!

You feel embarrassed, defeated and alone. Your heart is sinking and all you want to do is crawl behind the English stacks and cry about how you just probably ruined your child education. How can they be so insensitive? Aren’t they Christians? Where is that Christian compassion?

DeathtoStock_People7But you aren’t Christian. You’re Jewish. A Jewish Homeschooling Mom.

I was there. This was my experience just a year after I started homeschooling my son. I remember coming home to my husband mad as a hornets’ nest because I let these women get to me. The women even had the audacity to tell me that Christians were like Jews but just didn’t believe in Jesus!

The thing is, I walked out of there and it took some time to forgive and go back. The school system had failed us and I KNEW I wanted to homeschool my son so he wouldn’t fail in life. When I went back, I purchased the BEST of the BEST homeschooling materials that would work for my son despite their Christian undertones and then I BeJew-ed it! I MADE it Jewish.

I created worksheets, lapbooks, curriculum, and coloring sheets all while integrating our faith.

There is a reason that you don’t see an over abundance of Jewish homeschooling books in ENGLISH. Mostly because Jews that do homeschool are either in Israel or primarily speak Hebrew. Something that many of us American Jews don’t do. Especially in Conservative and Reformed circles.david and meDon’t give up. You are NOT alone. The books and worksheets I have created can help you transform the books you already have or you can use my materials as a teaching tool as well. They have even been tested on my video gaming son. Remember, Remember, the books you are buying are good for lessons, and it’s just the message that needs to be altered.